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Introducing "Nopixgo"

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"Nopixgo ®"  is an exciting new product that will protect you and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. A simple wristband  broadcasts a warning that creates a two-meter bubble of safety around anyone who wears one. This is not a worthless "as seen on TV" scam, but a high quality product of Swiss research, technology and manufacturing. Each wristbband is made in Zurich under strict laboratory conditions, not unlike the country's watches.

To learn more about mosquito behavior, how and why they bite, and the science behind Nopixgo, read our simple guide to man's biggest enemy.

We will be fully stocked in April 2020, well before the rainy season. In the mean time we be making small early orders every two to three weeks for those who cannot wait. Color selection may be limited before April unless you place an early order in advance. We also have special programs for hotels and local resellers in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines.


Nopixgo Wristband

Asia Needs Nopixgo

In 2019 I had Dengue Fever twice. Dengue is one of many potentially-deadly diseases carried by mosquitoes.  There are four different kinds of Dengue and you can be infected by each of them one time unless you die from the previous illness. I had Malaria about 40 years ago when I was younger and stronger and it was bad, but Dengue nearly killed me. Both of my grandchildren were hospitalized with Dengue in August 2019.

Dengue Fever is epidemic in most of Southeast Asia but it knows no borders. If you think it is just a tropical Asian disease, you're wrong. Nowadays, diseases travel with people. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: "There has been a substantial increase in reports of dengue infections to date in 2019 compared with the same period in 2018. The majority of the cases were reported by Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, India and Malaysia." They neglected to mention the Dengue outbreaks in France and Spain in 2019.

Bhutan also had outbreaks of Dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases in 2019. Several people in the capital Thimphu died. While visiting Bhutan on business I learned that their army was being outfitted with a Swiss-made wristband called Nopixgo. I quickly bought one and like it so much that I decided to bring this product to Asia, where it is badly needed. I hate to see anyone else suffer from Dengue Fever, which is potentially lethal and is especially risky for children and seniors.

If you have questions, they are probably already answered on our Q&A page. If not, there is a form you can use to ask a question of your own, or place an advance order.

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